We encourage everyone to read the rules and by-laws that govern the operation of the league and the games played within it. If you have a question or a suggestion regarding any of the rules or by-laws under which the League operates, please don’t hesitate to bring this up to a Board member or at a Board meeting. The rules and procedures are reviewed and updated at least once a year.

The overall mission and structure of the League is spelled out in the CCNLL Constitution. Please follow this link to read it.

The operations of the League are outlined in the League By-Laws. You can read these by following this link.

Standards of conduct are essential to the smooth operation of the League and the enjoyment and benefit of all concerned. You can view and download a copy of the Code of Conduct for Players and Parents here and a copy of the Code of Conduct for Managers and Coaches here.

Play is governed by the rules of Little League Baseball except where amended or extended by Local Rules in each division. You can read the Pitch Count Rules adopted by Little League Baseball here.